Monthly Or Bi-Monthly
Small Group Meetings

Professional Growth

Expand your skill set and stay updated with industry best practices.

Confidential Space

Share openly in a secure environment, fostering trust and camaraderie.

Recertification Support

Partnering with approved recertification vendors for continued education.

Our Approach

These small group sessions bring together HR professionals to discuss openly in a safe and confidential environment, fostering trust and camaraderie. Participants share insights, learn from each other, and gain valuable perspectives. We also partner with approved recertification vendors to support your continuing education needs.

Valentine Circles is not just a meeting; it’s an ongoing journey of learning and professional development. Gain insights, knowledge, and perspectives that will elevate your HR expertise.

Our Core Values


Built on a foundation of trust and our commitment to confidentiality, our community fosters open dialogue and collaboration.


We uphold a culture of respect, valuing the diverse perspectives and experiences within our community.


With a commitment to continuous learning, we provide opportunities for professional and personal development.


Our community is a pillar of support, offering a confidential space for sharing challenges and celebrating successes.

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